What’s the difference between home-heating oil prices and gas prices?
Oil costs approximately 40% more than gas.  New York State Energy Research and Development Authority prices indicates home-heating oil prices average $2.80 per gallon versus National Grid’s equivalent  gas price of $1.94 per gallon. Oil is priced per gallon and gas is priced per therm. The gas price has been converted into its oil per gallon equivalent at 1.4 therms of gas = 1 gallon of oil. For historic data on the price differences of oil and gas, click here.
What is the cost to convert?
Conversion costs vary by home, however whatever the cost, O2G can do it with an $8,500 prepayment for qualified households.
My oil system works and I’m happy with my oil dealer. Why switch?
Most consumers switch once they realize that the advantages of gas heat are too compelling to ignore. Not only can you cut your annual heating bills but new gas systems require less maintenance and are more convenient and efficient. And gas is delivered seamlessly by pipeline—unlike oil, which is delivered by truck—so there’s no need to pre-pay for fuel you haven’t used. Plus, O2G will be there every step of the way to handle your needs in a personable, customer sensitive manner (just like your oil dealer).
Isn’t the conversion process a real headache?
No. Working with O2G means you don’t have to deal with the utility, local permits or subcontractors. Our O2G team will convert your heating system seamlessly and professionally.
What is O2G?
O2G is a company whose sole business is gas conversions. We formed the company in order to (1) educate Long Island homeowners about the benefits of natural gas versus oil and (2) provide them with a single source for total gas conversion services, including system analysis, financing, installation, gas supply and ongoing maintenance. The O2G team consists of experienced professionals who know and understand home heating on Long Island.
How long will the conversion take?
About two days. The conversion can be completed so you’re never inconvenienced or without heat.
How do I get my gas? Am I locked into the National Grid utility?
No.  Since gas is deregulated, there are many gas suppliers from which you can purchase your natural gas. For instance, the O2G team includes an Energy Service Company (“ESCO”) gas supplier, or you may choose to purchase gas from another ESCO or National Grid.
Gas may be cheaper now, but what happens if it goes up in price?
The abundant domestic supply of natural gas suggests it will probably remain cheaper than oil. The O2G team can supply gas on a fixed price basis, so you can lock in a price today. And, while no one can predict future prices, oil prices appear to be more sensitive to global political and economic factors.
What rebates are available?
Equipment manufacturers and National Grid provide numerous rebates.
Is natural gas dangerous?
No.  It’s rare that serious gas incidents occur. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, in New York over the past ten years, there were an average of just two serious incidents per year out of nearly four million gas heated homes.
Can I get financing for the conversion?
Yes, 02G can convert with up to $8,500 prepaid for qualified households. We also provide alternative financing and partial finance options if you prefer.
I have a service contract with my oil company. Can I get one for my gas service?
Yes. Through an annual service contract, the O2G team can service your gas equipment, just as your oil heat dealer did..
Will my lawn and driveway be torn up?
The O2G team will make sure your property is in the same condition after the conversion as before.
What happens to my oil tank?
O2G will take care of your tank’s disposal and will do so in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.
What happens to the remaining period on my oil service contract?
We will credit that amount toward a gas service contract.

With all the advantages of natural gas, it’s no wonder that more than four million Americans have converted from oil heat to natural gas. Have you ever heard of someone switching to oil?

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