Why pay those high oil heating bills?

There is a better way to heat your home: natural gas. And once you know all the advantages of natural gas, you’re sure to see why oil-to-gas conversion is all about dollars. And makes sense:

  • Cost savings. Heating with natural gas is a cheaper alternative to oil. As a matter of fact, homeowners can cut their heating bills by converting, not only because gas is cheaper, but a new gas system is more efficient. What’s more, over time domestic natural gas prices have not experienced the drastic price fluctuations so typical with oil.

All prices are on a per gallon equivalent basis. Click here for oil and gas price details.

Represents prices for fiscal years ended October 31, 2012–2016. The 2017 price represents the first ten months November 2016 through August 2017 for oil and National Grid’s forecasted full fiscal year gas price.


Oil:   New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Gas:  KeySpan Gas East Corp d/b/a National Grid

  • More efficient. Today’s new natural gas systems have an efficiency of about 80 to 95 percent versus about 60 to 75 percent for your old oil burner, which means you need less to heat your home—and save even more. And because natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, your system will require less maintenance so you’ll reduce your service costs in the long run, too.
  • American made. Ninety-nine percent of natural gas is domestically produced. It is in abundant supply right here at home. So you can be assured that natural gas prices won’t suffer from the fluctuations that are common with oil.
  • Less work. Because of oil’s chemical composition and method of combustion, your burner will need an annual maintenance call in addition to repair calls when it breaks down. With natural gas, your system is likely to need repairs far less often.
  • Seamless delivery. Natural gas is delivered via a pipeline not a delivery truck. That means no tanks underground or in your basement. It also means no more worrying about scheduling fuel deliveries during those frigid winters (or running out).
  • No prepayment. No inventory. And because natural gas is delivered by pipeline, you only pay for it as you need it—rather than for a large (and potentially pricey) delivery upfront.

With all the advantages of natural gas, it’s no wonder that more than four million Americans have converted from oil heat to natural gas. Have you ever heard of someone switching to oil?

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