O2G is Long Island’s only company solely focused on oil-to-gas conversions.

Too many Long Islanders face monthly oil heating bills that are not only high, but also unnecessary. Most times it’s because they simply don’t realize there’s a powerful alternative: natural gas. Heating your home with gas not only costs less than with oil, but a new natural gas system is significantly more efficient. Learn the facts about converting to gas heat.

We take the hassles and headaches out of oil-to-gas conversion.

O2G was created to offer a consumer-focused and highly responsive oil-to-gas conversion experience, including system analysis, installation, gas supply, and ongoing maintenance. Our team consists of some of Long Island’s most knowledgeable and experienced home heat professionals.

What makes O2G different?

When you choose O2G, you get a reputable start-to-finish team of highly experienced professionals. O2G’s plumbing and heating companies’ are some of the most professional installation companies in our region who possess an average of 20 years experience and an outstanding reputation. You can always be assured of expert, reliable and responsive service—from initial installation to the lifetime maintenance of your natural gas heating system.

  • Licensed experienced plumber
  • Personal heating specialist assigned to your home conversion.
  • Personal heating specialist walks you through every step.
  • Personal heating specialist on call.

And, we’re offering up to $8,500 Pre-Paid through HomeAdvance!

Beyond our expert, reliable and responsive service, O2G goes one step further. That’s because we know that while consumers find oil-to-gas conversions compelling, the up-front costs can be of concern. And that’s why we’ve arranged installation options.

What’s the bottom line for you?
You’ll get out of that costly oil bill in a seamless, painless and simple way with a team of experts and your own personal Conversion Coordinator who’ll take care of it. So why not get started on your oil-to-gas conversion? Find out if a natural gas line is already installed in your area.

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$8,500 Prepaid

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