O2G: Your go-to guys for oil-to-gas conversions.

Long Island’s premier provider of oil-to-gas conversions, the O2G team features leading local plumbing and heating companies to deliver a natural gas conversion experience that is superior. Our fully licensed and insured installers.

Your experienced and innovative team of professional plumbing and heating specialists are familiar with all the latest technologies and equipment, and can recommend the optimum natural gas heating solution for your home. What’s more, they have a keen understanding of each locale’s oil-to-gas conversion installation requirements. And since they specialize in oil-to-gas conversions, they know how to make the process easy, fast and hassle-free. In fact, your O2G installation team can complete your oil-to-gas conversion fast and efficiently—without damaging your lawn, driveway or home surroundings. Plus, you’re assigned a Conversion Specialist who takes care of it all and is there to answer your questions and address any concerns before, during and after your installation.

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O2G’s plumbing and heating companies are some of the most experienced professional installation companies in our region with an impeccable reputation. Hence, you can always be assured of expert, reliable and responsive service—from initial installation to the lifetime maintenance of your natural gas heating system.

  • Local knowledgeable plumber.
  • Personal heating specialist assigned to your home conversion.
  • Personal heating specialist walks you through every step.
  • Personal heating specialist on call.

With all the advantages of natural gas, it’s no wonder that more than four million Americans have converted from oil heat to natural gas. Have you ever heard of someone switching to oil?

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