Back to School Is Back to Reality: Get Your Home Ready for Fall.

September 15, 2014
Back to School Is Back to Reality: Get Your Home Ready for Fall.

Though it seems like summer just ended, it’s nevertheless time to think about what needs to be done around your Long Island home to make it ready for fall and the coming winter months. After you’ve closed your pool, packed away the bathing suits and beach umbrellas and vacuumed the last bit of sand out of your car, look in and around your home to keep it weather-ready (and your family warm and cozy) when those cooler temperatures hit.

  1. Weatherproof windows and doors. The best way to conserve energy in your home – and to lower your energy costs – is to ensure that windows and doorways are free of drafts. An easy-to-do test is to hold a lit candle in front of a closed window or door. If the flame flickers or goes out, there is a leak that needs to be sealed. Homeowners can also go the professional route. A professional energy auditor can conduct a blower door test, which will pinpoint the location of leaks in your home in one go.
  2. Winterize your air conditioning units. When not in use, in-wall air conditioners or year-round window units can leak valuable heat, or worse, let in the cold air. Purchasing and installing reusable air conditioner covers for each unit in your home is a way to reduce your heating bill, cut down on drafts and extend the life of your AC units.
  3. Clean the gutters. After the trees have finally shed their leaves, it’s time to clean out your gutters from the debris to keep them clear for any onslaught of late-season storms or winter weather.
  4. Check out your heating system. Before it’s called upon for full-time duty, fall is the perfect time to have your service technician check your heating system. It’s also time to weigh the benefits of converting from oil to gas heat, which can save you an average of 50 percent. With another harsh winter forecasted, the cost savings and efficiency of a natural gas heating system will be noticeable immediately.
  5. Have your roof inspected. With Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and last year’s polar vortex, the roof of your home has taken a beating. Have it inspected to make sure it’s free from leaks and in good repair.
  6. Service your snow blower and check on your shovel stock. Take the time to inspect your snow blower and replace any shovels that have seen better winters. (You know you’re going to need them.)
  7. Test your generator. Though the summer months didn’t bring that many electricity-stopping storms to Long Island, the winter can be more brutal as water freezes on the lines. Check your generator now to ensure it’s in top working order.

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